Barclays  Euros Rate Euros 1.0705 802.88 Order Online
Barclays  US Dollars Rate US Dollars 1.2779 958.42 Order Online
Barclays  Turkish Lira Rate Turkish Lira 10.012 7,509.00 Order Online
Barclays  Japanese Yen Rate Japanese Yen 132.931 99,698.17 Order Online
Barclays  Australian Dollars Rate Australian Dollars 1.7111 1,283.32 Order Online
Barclays  Thai Baht Rate Thai Baht 37.1669 27,875.18 Order Online
Barclays  UAE Dirham Rate UAE Dirham 4.6197 3,464.77 Order Online
Barclays  Canadian Dollars Rate Canadian Dollars 1.6421 1,231.57 Order Online
Barclays  Polish Zloty Rate Polish Zloty 4.5817 3,436.27 Order Online
Barclays  Kuwaiti Dinars Rate Kuwaiti Dinars 0.3851 288.83 Order Online
Barclays  Bahrain Dinar Rate Bahrain Dinar 0.4793 359.47 Order Online
Barclays  Omani Rial Rate Omani Rial 0.4845 363.37 Order Online
Barclays  Jordan Dinar Rate Jordan Dinar 0.8733 654.98 Order Online
Barclays  Swiss Francs Rate Swiss Francs 1.1546 865.95 Order Online
Barclays  Singapore Dollars Rate Singapore Dollars 1.687 1,265.25 Order Online
Barclays  New Zealand Dollars Rate New Zealand Dollars 1.7946 1,345.95 Order Online
Barclays  Bulgarian Lev Rate Bulgarian Lev 1.9864 1,489.80 Order Online
Barclays  Barbados Dollars Rate Barbados Dollars 2.4446 1,833.45 Order Online
Barclays  Fiji Dollars Rate Fiji Dollars 2.4695 1,852.13 Order Online
Barclays  Israeli Shekels Rate Israeli Shekels 4.0994 3,074.55 Order Online
Barclays  Peru Nuevos Sol Rate Peru Nuevos Sol 4.2427 3,182.03 Order Online
Barclays  Saudi Riyal Rate Saudi Riyal 4.7388 3,554.10 Order Online
Barclays  Malaysian Ringgits Rate Malaysian Ringgits 5.1435 3,857.62 Order Online
Barclays  Croatian Kuna Rate Croatian Kuna 7.6935 5,770.13 Order Online
Barclays  Danish Krona Rate Danish Krona 7.9337 5,950.28 Order Online
Barclays  Chinese Yuan Rate Chinese Yuan 7.9718 5,978.85 Order Online
Barclays  Hong Kong Dollars Rate Hong Kong Dollars 9.8455 7,384.12 Order Online
Barclays  Swedish Krona Rate Swedish Krona 10.8408 8,130.60 Order Online
Barclays  Norwegian Krone Rate Norwegian Krone 11.2105 8,407.87 Order Online
Barclays  South African Rand Rate South African Rand 18.925 14,193.75 Order Online
Barclays  Mexican Pesos Rate Mexican Pesos 24.0641 18,048.08 Order Online
Barclays  Czech Koruna Rate Czech Koruna 26.6576 19,993.20 Order Online
Barclays  Taiwan Dollars Rate Taiwan Dollars 34.7712 26,078.40 Order Online
Barclays  Mauritian Rupees Rate Mauritian Rupees 48.2925 36,219.37 Order Online
Barclays  Phillipino Pesos Rate Phillipino Pesos 58.9024 44,176.80 Order Online
Barclays  Kenyan Shilling Rate Kenyan Shilling 135.372 101,529.22 Order Online
Barclays  Icelandic Krona Rate Icelandic Krona 166.069 124,551.90 Order Online
Barclays  Hungarian Forints Rate Hungarian Forints 364.859 273,644.49 Order Online
Barclays  Costa Rica Colon Rate Costa Rica Colon 705.045 528,783.46 Order Online
Barclays  Chilean Pesos Rate Chilean Pesos 902.178 676,633.80 Order Online
Barclays  South Korea Won Rate South Korea Won 1342.27 1,006,706.09 Order Online
Barclays  Indonesian Rupiah Rate Indonesian Rupiah 17279.5 12,959,651.37 Order Online

Better exchange rates are available from other suppliers. See our Buy Currency page for a full comparison of today’s best rates.

About buying travel money

Buying travel cash online is typically the easiest and cheapest way of buying travel cash. Compare Travel Cash is a free resource to help you find the best currency deals on the internet right now.Our Clever technology is constantantly updating rates from over 60 suppliers to ensure the price you see is what you pay*, we even factor in delier costs into the prices you see you can see at a glance what are the best currency deals in the UK right now.

Currency delivered is normally delivered the next day is fully insured by the Royal Mail.

Buy currency now with Barclays

How does the process work for buying currency online?

You need to place an order on the currency suppliers’ site you decide on, and pay for your currency. Each currency supplier will have different payment options, but the options are usually bank transfer, debit card, with some suppliers offering payment by Apple pay and Android pay. Once your order has been confirmed your order will prepared and your currency sent to you by registered delivery, some suppliers even offer next day delivery.

Can I collect my money in person?

We currently only compare currency suppliers that deliver currency.

Is the money sent to me fully insured?

Yes, all currency sent is fully insured.

Is it safe to order money online?

YAll the currency suppliers we show on our website are FCA regulated and we also carry out our own checks. We do however advise all customers to conduct their own due diligence and checks.

Are the rates always the same on the supplier website as on the Compare Travel Cash site?

We constantly update our exchange rates as they change for each supplier, and whilst we try to do this in almost real-time, there will be times when we our data is slightly out of date (in normal circumstances not more than 1 minute).

How can I sell my unused travel currency online?

Once you have made your choice of which currency buyback company you wish to use click on the “More Info” button next to your chosen supplier. You will then be automatically redirected to the website to be able to sell your currency.

What is the process for selling back my unused travel money?

To exchange your unused travel currency, fill in the form on the currency buyback company website and print the order details form and send it together with your currency to the currency company. The equivalent Sterling pounds wills be transferred into your bank within a few days.

How long does it take to receive the money in my bank account?

Typically a few days.

How up to date are your tourist exchange rates?

Our tourist rates are virtually realtime, we update our tourist rates approximatly every minute at least.

Why do the tourist exchange rates change so often?

The foreign exchange market is always open, so exchange rates are constantly moving, suppliers react to this and periodically set their tourist exchange rates based on what the market dictates.

Can I get better tourist exchange rates if I go direct?

The simple answer is no, in fact we have preferential rates from some suppliers so you will hopefully save money when using our site to find the best tourist exchange rates.

If I buy now from a supplier will they honour the tourist exchange rate at the point of order?

Yes, as long as you adhere to a suppliers terms and conditions, some suppliers accept bank transfers so they may need to receive the money in a certain time period to guaranatee any tourist rate you ordered. The best advice is to review the terms and conditions on the website of supplier you choose.