Travel money terms explained.

The world of foreign exchange and travel money is an ever-moving market, and when you're looking to buy travel money you've probably noticed numerous acronyms and terms that you may not have heard of. We don't want confusion preventing you from making the right choice, so to help you make the right decision and get the best deals, we have put together a list of questions about travel money terminology. 

Travel Money: Can I sell my leftover currency?

When you come back from an overseas trip you may bring back beautiful memories, souvenirs of great times and maybe even a great tan, but being left with foreign cash feels like such a waste! Here we look at the best options to get the most from your unspent travel money so you don't end up feeling too short-changed.

Why should I use Compare Travel Cash?

Have you ever started researching the best rates between different travel money sites? We know it can be overwhelming; the different suppliers, their different offers and of course the ever-changing currency exchange rates. Its a lot of information to process and compile! In essence, comparison sites take the stress out of your research and basically do it all for you. Here are some of the reasons Compare Travel Cash stands out as a site to get the best rate for your holiday money so you can save money to spend on your travels!

Your 101 Guide – Travel Money – The Basics

Welcome to our guide to Travel money, this is the basic guide to getting you started and ready to find the best deals for your holiday cash.

Travel Money – Why do I need cash in this digital age?

You may be wondering in a world that is becoming increasingly digitised, why do I need travel money when I could use my currency card or debit card in other countries? In this article we explore that question.

What is the cheapest way to pay a hotel bill?

What is the cheapest way to pay a hotel bill?

While most people pay with their debit card and credit cards this is the most uneconomical way to pay your bill abroad. Credit cards typically charge a fee of around 10 Euros, and debit cards potentially work out worse, as they charge approximately 3 per cent fee, so for a bill of 600 Euros would […]

What Currency should you use in Mexico?

The official currency of Mexico is the Mexican Peso ($) or MXN.  You can take up to US$10,000 with you to Mexico, if you take more (in cash, cheques or money orders) you will have to declare it with customs on arrival. US Dollars are accepted in some popular resorts, but you will be penalised […]

exchange foreign currency at the airport

Should you exchange foreign currency at the Airport?

With options for how to pay for goods and services abroad in abundance we look into the option of exchanging your money at the airport. Rate comparison Let’s look at the rates of some popular currencies at Gatwick airport to see how they compare with what your bank would charge and also compare against a […]

What is a closed currency?

A closed currency is a currency that you can (normally) only obtain in the country where the currency is used. You cannot take out the currency from the country as well, meaning you will have to use all your currency or exchange it for your own currency before departure. Here is a full list of […]