Why use a travel money comparison site?

Have you ever started researching the best rates between different travel money providers?

We know it can be overwhelming: the different suppliers, their different offers and of course, the ever-changing currency exchange rates. It's a lot of information to process and compile!

Our comparison site takes the stress out of researching and does it all for you. FInd the travel money supplier that will get you the best rate today.

Best exchange rates

What we do

  • Compare Travel Cash is a non-biased travel money comparison site.
  • To ensure our independence, we always use transparent, objective and verifiable criteria in our comparisons.
  • Our mission is to show you the best rates so you can save when buying your travel money.
  • We constantly update our exchange rates as they change for each money exchange supplier, and whilst we try to do this in almost real-time, there will be times when our data is slightly out of date (in normal circumstances, not more than 5 minute). Our travel money comparison site is designed to save you money by showing you the latest rates.
  • We check out all the companies we list, ensuring they are reputable suppliers and pass our standards before we list them.
  • We value your privacy.  We do not sell your data - you don't even need to give us your information to use our site.  Even if you choose to, it is safe with us, we will never pass it on to third parties.
  • We check out all the companies we list, ensuring they are reputable suppliers and pass our standards before we list them.
  • You won't get cheaper rates if you go directly to the supplier, at times, we may have discounts and incentives that you would not get by going direct!
  • We do sometimes make money - but we don't make it from you.  We will never add fees or commissions to the travel money rates on the site.

It's a great idea to buy your currency online to ensure you get the best exchange rate. You can often get much better deals online compared to what you can find on the high street or the airport. In fact ccording to recent surveys, 9 out of 10 tourists find that exchanging money at airports is the most expensive option.

The best thing about buying your travel money online through a comparison site is seeing all currency prices in one place, so whether you are buying euros, buying dollars or other currencies you get the best rate for your travel money and more importantly save time!

The quickest way to get the best currency exchange rate is by using our comparison tool. We compare the latest information from all the best travel money providers in the market to show you the best currency exchange rates.

Keep an eye out for the following when searching for the best currency exchange deals so you can choose the best option for buying your holiday money:

  • High exchange rate - The higher the exchange rate number, the more holiday money you will get to the pound
  • Delivery Charges - different currency providers charge different amounts for delivering your holiday money to your door
  • Special offer - We will let you know if the providers are offering travel money deals

Commission is the fee that travel money providers charge for the service to exchange your money into foreign currency. The charge is usually included in the exchange rate they advertise. You will see that many foreign exchange companies advertise 0% commission, they are still charging you by including the charge in the rates.

All the travel money prices we quote include any fees and commissions, including delivery!

The simple answer is yes! Usually, the minimum order amount for foreign currency is £100, and the maximum is usually £7,500, although some providers allow you to exchange more.

Travel money is normally sent via special delivery service with Royal Mail. Travel cash orders worth more than £2,500 will be sent via a courier or multiple Royal Mail packages. This is for insurance reasons, making sure your travel money is safe.

This depends on the currency provider. Some providers offer next-day delivery, sending your travel money using Royal Mail's Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm service. There will be an extra cost for this and you can see how much when you compare the holiday money prices.

Don't forget, many foreign currency providers also allow you to pre-order currency and you can collect it in store, this means you can avoid delivery charges.

Most do, any holiday money that you have leftover after your trip abroad can be sold using a buy-back service that will convert it back to pounds. Our comparison tool will show you the providers offering the best buy-back rates.

Every few of minutes we compare the exchange rates and latest currency deals from the best travel money providers in the UK. You can see instantly who is offering the best deals and choose a service that suits your needs best.

Also, if you've come home from a trip abroad and have leftover currency, we compare many foreign currency buy back companies, showing the best rates to convert your foreign currency back into pounds.

Hundreds of customers order travel money through our site daily and have a great experience. However, as with ordering anything online, the process is never completely risk-free and you should always take care when transfering money to any company.

We undertake comprehensive checks on all of our providers and monitor them to make sure they meet our high standards and continue to do so. Having said that, no company is guaranteed not to come into trouble and we cannot guarantee the solvency of any of the providers listed on our website. We always recommend that you conduct your own due diligence before placing an order with any company.

There are many destinations where taking some local currency is extremely useful to make sure you are covered in places where credit cards are not accepted. Many of the smaller retailers globally will not allow credit cards, so cash is the only option.

Read our blog post on taking cash on holiday.

The best time to buy any travel money is when the pound is performing strongly relative to the currency you are buying, this means it will have a higher exchange rate, so will give you more currency for your money. The amount you receive is calculated by multiplying the exchange rate by the amount of pounds you want to spend, so the higher the exchange rate, the more foreign currency you get.

Exchange rates are constantly changing but we show you the historical exchange rate performance for each of the currencies so you can have more of an idea of whether now is a good time to buy your travel money.

Exchange rates tend to be very similar wherever you are in the world to those offered in the UK, however waiting until you are away means you may be stuck with poor exchange rates, fewer options of places to offer competitive rates or even worse, you may have to pay big additional fees and commissions. By buying your travel money in the UK there are no hidden fees, charges or nasty surprises, you know exactly how much you are getting.

Once you have found the best rate, place an order on the currency suppliers’ site, and pay for your currency.Each currency supplier has different payment options, including bank transfer, debit card, with some suppliers offering payment by Apple pay and Android pay. Once your order has been confirmed your order will be prepared and your currency sent to you by registered delivery, some suppliers even offer next-day delivery.


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