Our mission and what we do

Compare Travel Cash is a free travel money comparison site. Our mission is to help you quickly and effortlessly find and compare travel money exchange rates to make an informed decision.

Harnessing technology, we present results concisely and offer a simple search for buying and selling travel money. We show travel money rates for more suppliers than any other UK-based company.

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Our History

Compare Travel Cash was formed in 2019 with the aim of being the most complete travel money comparison site. We continually explore new products and services to offer you. Our team consists of industry experts and technical experts to enable us to continue offering you the best comparison experience.

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How are we funded?

Sometimes, companies we display pay us small commissions (which do not affect the rate you are offered). When building the site, we decided that we would not show advertisements and the small commissions we sometimes receive allow us to “keep the lights on”.

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26 February 2024

The 8 Best Travel Money Belts of 2024: Secure Your Valuables on the Go

The best travel money belts of 2024 excel in comfort, style and security. These belts are not just fashionable, they are also equipped with the latest technology like RFID-blocking to protect your personal information from theft. Particularly noteworthy is a model that offers sizes adaptable to multiple waist measurements. After all, securing your cash and

Carry-on Case
25 February 2024

The Perfect Carry-on Case for Airline Travel: Top Recommendations and Tips

The perfect carry-on case for airline travel fits within the usual size limits of 22 x 14 x 9 inches. This ensures it complies with most airlines’ overhead bin space restrictions. Despite this uniformity, some international airlines may have varying rules, so cross-checking with your specific airline before purchasing a case is a smart move.

Currency in Dublin
24 February 2024

What currency is used in Dublin, Ireland? A clear answer for travellers

Dublin, the capital city of Ireland, is a popular tourist destination known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning architecture. As a result, many people who plan to visit Dublin may wonder what currency is used in the city. The official currency of Ireland is the Euro, which is used throughout the country, including