Travel Money Guide

Just because you are on holiday it doesn’t mean common sense and prudence should go out of the window, here are our top tips for saving money on your next holiday.

1. Get your travel money organised before you travel

You can save hundreds of Pounds by organising your money before you head off, check our comparison of prepaid currency cards to see which currency card works best for you. Alternatively, if you would prefer to take your currency with you head over to our comparison of travel money here.

2. Timing

If you don’t have children try to book your holidays outside of the school holidays if at all possible. Not only will it be significantly cheaper your destination will almost certainly be less crowded. Similarly avoid bank holidays where possible, especially near ski resorts as locals will flock there during the bank holidays.

3. Don’t skimp on car rental

Car rental companies are notorious for hiding fees and asking for outrageous deposits and extra insurance. Shop around but remember, cheaper is not necessarily better.

4. Travel Insurance

A lot of people don’t realise it but some banks actually give you free travel insurance, be sure to check with your bank before you buy potentially unneeded travel insurance.

5. Use comparison websites

Put in the leg work and potentially save money by checking on comparison sites.

6. No frills

When booking flights priority boarding and selecting seats all sounds like it makes your trip easier but in reality, even if you are travelling as a group you will likely be sitting together if you check in promptly.

7. Check your luggage

Take the stress out of things and measure and weigh your luggage before you leave home, having your y-fronts and Hawaiian shirts on show while you desperately try to reduce the weight of your luggage at check-in is not a pleasant experience.

8. Take a pack lunch

Airports and airlines are very expensive for food. Take food with you to not only save money but eat what you like most. Remember you can’t take liquids through security.

9. Skip the minibar

In hotels the cost of these miniature goodies is extortionate, either cheekily add your own from local shops or avoid completely.

10. Tipping

Always check to see if the service charge is included, if it isn’t don’t go overboard, 10% is a healthy tip if the service is good but if the service is not, reduce It accordingly. The Spanish, for example, would consider 5% a good tip.


Jason is the founder of Compare Travel Cash, and has worked in the financial industry for the majority of his career.