Barclays Currency Exchange Rates
Barclays Euros Rate Euros 1.1188 839.10 See Deal
Barclays US Dollars Rate US Dollars 1.3072 980.40 See Deal
Barclays Turkish Lira Rate Turkish Lira 11.4039 8,552.93 See Deal
Barclays Japanese Yen Rate Japanese Yen 145.132 108,849.30 See Deal
Barclays Australian Dollars Rate Australian Dollars 1.7688 1,326.60 See Deal
Barclays Thai Baht Rate Thai Baht 42.2783 31,708.73 See Deal
Barclays UAE Dirham Rate UAE Dirham 4.7257 3,544.27 See Deal
Barclays Canadian Dollars Rate Canadian Dollars 1.6314 1,223.55 See Deal
Barclays Polish Zloty Rate Polish Zloty 4.9294 3,697.05 See Deal
Barclays Kuwaiti Dinars Rate Kuwaiti Dinars 0.3882 291.15 See Deal
Barclays Bahrain Dinar Rate Bahrain Dinar 0.4901 367.57 See Deal
Barclays Omani Rial Rate Omani Rial 0.4956 371.70 See Deal
Barclays Jordan Dinar Rate Jordan Dinar 0.8933 669.97 See Deal
Barclays Swiss Francs Rate Swiss Francs 1.2088 906.60 See Deal
Barclays Singapore Dollars Rate Singapore Dollars 1.7464 1,309.80 See Deal
Barclays New Zealand Dollars Rate New Zealand Dollars 1.8365 1,377.38 See Deal
Barclays Bulgarian Lev Rate Bulgarian Lev 2.0757 1,556.78 See Deal
Barclays Barbados Dollars Rate Barbados Dollars 2.5006 1,875.45 See Deal
Barclays Fiji Dollars Rate Fiji Dollars 2.5755 1,931.63 See Deal
Barclays Israeli Shekels Rate Israeli Shekels 4.0607 3,045.52 See Deal
Barclays Saudi Riyal Rate Saudi Riyal 4.8484 3,636.30 See Deal
Barclays Peru Nuevos Sol Rate Peru Nuevos Sol 4.9541 3,715.58 See Deal
Barclays Malaysian Ringgits Rate Malaysian Ringgits 5.4081 4,056.08 See Deal
Barclays Croatian Kuna Rate Croatian Kuna 7.9827 5,987.02 See Deal
Barclays Chinese Yuan Rate Chinese Yuan 8.0149 6,011.18 See Deal
Barclays Danish Krona Rate Danish Krona 8.2842 6,213.15 See Deal
Barclays Hong Kong Dollars Rate Hong Kong Dollars 10.113 7,584.75 See Deal
Barclays Norwegian Krone Rate Norwegian Krone 11.202 8,401.50 See Deal
Barclays Swedish Krona Rate Swedish Krona 11.3853 8,538.97 See Deal
Barclays South African Rand Rate South African Rand 19.1941 14,395.57 See Deal
Barclays Mexican Pesos Rate Mexican Pesos 24.8596 18,644.70 See Deal
Barclays Czech Koruna Rate Czech Koruna 27.1183 20,338.72 See Deal
Barclays Taiwan Dollars Rate Taiwan Dollars 34.6091 25,956.83 See Deal
Barclays Mauritian Rupees Rate Mauritian Rupees 52.628 39,471.00 See Deal
Barclays Phillipino Pesos Rate Phillipino Pesos 63.9481 47,961.08 See Deal
Barclays Russian Ruble Rate Russian Ruble 89.2727 66,954.52 See Deal
Barclays Kenyan Shilling Rate Kenyan Shilling 139.235 104,426.40 See Deal
Barclays Icelandic Krona Rate Icelandic Krona 161.166 120,874.20 See Deal
Barclays Hungarian Forints Rate Hungarian Forints 377.99 283,492.13 See Deal
Barclays Costa Rica Colon Rate Costa Rica Colon 750.732 563,049.32 See Deal
Barclays Chilean Pesos Rate Chilean Pesos 957.397 718,047.55 See Deal
Barclays Indonesian Rupiah Rate Indonesian Rupiah 17901.8 13,426,344.73 See Deal

Better exchange rates are available from other suppliers. See our Buy Currency page for a full comparison of today’s best rates.

✓Our Review of Barclays

Pros: What we like about Barclays :

  • ✓ Hassle-free home delivery of travel money.

  • ✓ Barclays services are safe, secure and regulated.

  • ✓ Well known high street banking brand.

Cons: What we like less about Barclays:

  • ✓Only available to existing Barclays clients.

  • ✓Not usually the most competitive rates.

Barclays Travel Money Website

Buy currency now with Barclays

You can see all today's best exchange rates and easily compare all the providers with our holiday money comparison tool.

The minimum travel money order with Barclays is £50.

You can order up to £5,000 per person within a 90-day period. A maximum of £2,500 from that amount can be sent for home delivery to a single residential address.

You can pay for your travel money via bank transfer or debit or credit card. There are no fees for bank transfer but some fees apply when paying via debit or credit card.

Home delivery orders will be delivered to your Barclays debit card or Barclaycard billing address.

If you pay with your Barclaycard, you may be charged a Cash Fee – please check your Barclaycard terms and conditions for details.

Not usually! Many of the online travel money providers can offer better rates than in high street branches or bureau de changes as their overheads can be kept down meaning you can often get the best rates for travel money online.

Yes! But only in branches. You can often get a better deal on converting your foreign currency into pounds using an online service, See the best buy back rates for your leftover holiday money on our comparison tool.