ACE FX Currency Exchange Rates
ACE FX Euros Rate Euros 1.145 858.75 See Deal
ACE FX US Dollars Rate US Dollars 1.245 933.75 See Deal
ACE FX Turkish Lira Rate Turkish Lira 33.948 25,461.00 See Deal
ACE FX Japanese Yen Rate Japanese Yen 180.257 135,192.75 See Deal
ACE FX Australian Dollars Rate Australian Dollars 1.847 1,385.25 See Deal
ACE FX Thai Baht Rate Thai Baht 42.659 31,994.25 See Deal
ACE FX UAE Dirham Rate UAE Dirham 4.524 3,393.00 See Deal
ACE FX Canadian Dollars Rate Canadian Dollars 1.667 1,250.25 See Deal
ACE FX Polish Zloty Rate Polish Zloty 4.846 3,634.50 See Deal
ACE FX Bahrain Dinar Rate Bahrain Dinar 0.454 340.50 See Deal
ACE FX Omani Rial Rate Omani Rial 0.469 351.75 See Deal
ACE FX Jordan Dinar Rate Jordan Dinar 0.869 651.75 See Deal
ACE FX Swiss Francs Rate Swiss Francs 1.074 805.50 See Deal
ACE FX Singapore Dollars Rate Singapore Dollars 1.639 1,229.25 See Deal
ACE FX New Zealand Dollar Rate New Zealand Dollar 1.987 1,490.25 See Deal
ACE FX Bulgarian Lev Rate Bulgarian Lev 2.17 1,627.50 See Deal
ACE FX Barbados Dollar Rate Barbados Dollar 2.413 1,809.75 See Deal
ACE FX Saudi Riyal Rate Saudi Riyal 4.572 3,429.00 See Deal
ACE FX Romanian Leu Rate Romanian Leu 5.54 4,155.00 See Deal
ACE FX Malaysian Ringgit Rate Malaysian Ringgit 5.608 4,206.00 See Deal
ACE FX Chinese Yuan Rate Chinese Yuan 8.523 6,392.25 See Deal
ACE FX Hong Kong Dollars Rate Hong Kong Dollars 9.575 7,181.25 See Deal
ACE FX Mexican Peso Rate Mexican Peso 20.752 15,564.00 See Deal
ACE FX South African Rand Rate South African Rand 22.811 17,108.25 See Deal
ACE FX Czech Koruna Rate Czech Koruna 27.116 20,337.00 See Deal
ACE FX Mauritian Rupee Rate Mauritian Rupee 51.603 38,702.25 See Deal
ACE FX Phillipino Peso Rate Phillipino Peso 64.341 48,255.75 See Deal
ACE FX Dominican Republic Peso Rate Dominican Republic Peso 65.633 49,224.75 See Deal
ACE FX Icelandic Krona Rate Icelandic Krona 165.892 124,419.00 See Deal
ACE FX Kenyan Shilling Rate Kenyan Shilling 178.988 134,241.00 See Deal
ACE FX Hungarian Forint Rate Hungarian Forint 424.858 318,643.50 See Deal
ACE FX South Korea Won Rate South Korea Won 1513.84 1,135,383.00 See Deal
ACE FX Indonesian Rupiah Rate Indonesian Rupiah 17613.4 13,210,073.73 See Deal
ACE FX Vietnam Dong Rate Vietnam Dong 27981.6 20,986,192.38 See Deal

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