Tesco Money Currency Exchange Rates
Tesco Money Euros Rate Euros 1.1601 870.07 See Deal
Tesco Money US Dollars Rate US Dollars 1.1967 897.52 See Deal
Tesco Money Turkish Lira Rate Turkish Lira 19.1807 14,385.53 See Deal
Tesco Money Japanese Yen Rate Japanese Yen 154.638 115,978.35 See Deal
Tesco Money Australian Dollars Rate Australian Dollars 1.6629 1,247.17 See Deal
Tesco Money Thai Baht Rate Thai Baht 40.6754 30,506.55 See Deal
Tesco Money UAE Dirham Rate UAE Dirham 4.2943 3,220.73 See Deal
Tesco Money Canadian Dollars Rate Canadian Dollars 1.5022 1,126.65 See Deal
Tesco Money Polish Zloty Rate Polish Zloty 5.2356 3,926.70 See Deal
Tesco Money Kuwaiti Dinars Rate Kuwaiti Dinars 0.3505 262.87 See Deal
Tesco Money Bahrain Dinar Rate Bahrain Dinar 0.4342 325.65 See Deal
Tesco Money Omani Rial Rate Omani Rial 0.4418 331.35 See Deal
Tesco Money Jordan Dinar Rate Jordan Dinar 0.806 604.50 See Deal
Tesco Money Swiss Francs Rate Swiss Francs 1.1118 833.85 See Deal
Tesco Money Brunei Dollar Rate Brunei Dollar 1.5755 1,181.63 See Deal
Tesco Money Singapore Dollars Rate Singapore Dollars 1.5992 1,199.40 See Deal
Tesco Money New Zealand Dollar Rate New Zealand Dollar 1.8207 1,365.53 See Deal
Tesco Money Bulgarian Lev Rate Bulgarian Lev 2.188 1,641.00 See Deal
Tesco Money Barbados Dollar Rate Barbados Dollar 2.2905 1,717.87 See Deal
Tesco Money Fiji Dollar Rate Fiji Dollar 2.438 1,828.50 See Deal
Tesco Money East Caribbean Dollar Rate East Caribbean Dollar 3.0807 2,310.52 See Deal
Tesco Money Israeli Shekel Rate Israeli Shekel 3.6928 2,769.60 See Deal
Tesco Money Qatari Riyal Rate Qatari Riyal 4.1798 3,134.85 See Deal
Tesco Money Peru Nuevos Sol Rate Peru Nuevos Sol 4.2719 3,203.93 See Deal
Tesco Money Saudi Riyal Rate Saudi Riyal 4.3401 3,255.07 See Deal
Tesco Money Malaysian Ringgit Rate Malaysian Ringgit 5.0696 3,802.20 See Deal
Tesco Money Romanian Leu Rate Romanian Leu 5.4684 4,101.30 See Deal
Tesco Money Chinese Yuan Rate Chinese Yuan 7.628 5,721.00 See Deal
Tesco Money Danish Krona Rate Danish Krona 8.3777 6,283.27 See Deal
Tesco Money Croatian Kuna Rate Croatian Kuna 8.3979 6,298.42 See Deal
Tesco Money Hong Kong Dollars Rate Hong Kong Dollars 9.0078 6,755.85 See Deal
Tesco Money Norwegian Krone Rate Norwegian Krone 11.1303 8,347.72 See Deal
Tesco Money Swedish Krona Rate Swedish Krona 11.6856 8,764.20 See Deal
Tesco Money South African Rand Rate South African Rand 18.9182 14,188.65 See Deal
Tesco Money Mexican Peso Rate Mexican Peso 22.9858 17,239.35 See Deal
Tesco Money Czech Koruna Rate Czech Koruna 26.9864 20,239.80 See Deal
Tesco Money Taiwan Dollar Rate Taiwan Dollar 33.6332 25,224.90 See Deal
Tesco Money Mauritian Rupee Rate Mauritian Rupee 51.2605 38,445.38 See Deal
Tesco Money Dominican Republic Peso Rate Dominican Republic Peso 60.751 45,563.25 See Deal
Tesco Money Phillipino Peso Rate Phillipino Peso 62.0186 46,513.95 See Deal
Tesco Money Kenyan Shilling Rate Kenyan Shilling 133.971 100,478.24 See Deal
Tesco Money Icelandic Krona Rate Icelandic Krona 155.462 116,596.57 See Deal
Tesco Money Jamaican Dollar Rate Jamaican Dollar 170.301 127,725.38 See Deal
Tesco Money Hungarian Forint Rate Hungarian Forint 436.326 327,244.19 See Deal
Tesco Money Costa Rica Colon Rate Costa Rica Colon 729.716 547,287.00 See Deal
Tesco Money Chilean Peso Rate Chilean Peso 980.95 735,712.37 See Deal
Tesco Money Indonesian Rupiah Rate Indonesian Rupiah 16339.7 12,254,764.16 See Deal
Tesco Money Vietnam Dong Rate Vietnam Dong 25073.5 18,805,089.84 See Deal

Better exchange rates are available from other suppliers. See our Buy Currency page for a full comparison of today’s best rates.

Our Review of Tesco Travel Money

Pros: What we like :

  • ✓ Tesco is a well known high street brand.

  • ✓ Home delivery is free, when you spend £500 or more online.

Cons: What we like less:

  • ✓They have fewer currencies readily available than many of our providers.

  • ✓Generally not the most competitive exchange rates.

  • ✓Unlike some other supermarket brands, there are no benefits for Tesco Clubcard holders when buying travel money.

  • ✓Reviews of Tesco Bank Travel Money show both positive and negative reviews on popular consumer review sites, with an average of 2.5 stars out of five.

Tesco Store

Buy currency now with Tesco Money

If you want to order travel money for home delivery, you just need to visit their website and you can place an order online.

You just need to enter the following information into a simple form:

  • ✅ Your personal details
  • ✅ The amount of pounds you’re exchanging into the foreign currency
  • ✅ Select the currency you’re exchanging your pounds into
  • and select how you want to pay.
  • Select your preferred delivery option, whether you want your travel money delivered to your home or to a Tesco branch or bureau de change near you.

Then, once you have made the bank transfer and they have received the payment, they will send you your travel money.

You can see view our aticle on supermarkets here Which supermarket has the best euro rate which we update reguraly.

Not usually, it can vary, but buying travel money in the branches often works out more expensive. However, you can order your currency online and get it delivered to a branch near you for collection if home delivery isn’t a suitable option. You can see the latest Tesco exchange rates (for online purchase) above, or look for the best exchange rates on our travel money comparison tool where we compare the rates from all the best travel money providers.

This obviously will depend on the currency and exchange rates each of the travel money providers are offering. Our online comparison tool will show you all the latest travel money rates who is offering the best deals on your foreign currency.

You can order a minimum of £100 worth of travel money online

The maximum amount of travel money you can order online is £2,500

You can pay for your travel money via bank transfer or debit or credit card.

They can have your travel money order shipped to your home address. They use Royal Mail Special Delivery which attempts to deliver to your chosen address before 1pm.

Alternatively you can order online and collect your travel money in store near you.

They don't charge commission and no matter how you purchase your travel money, you will not be charged any card handling fee by Tesco Travel Money.

Not usually! Many of the online travel money providers can offer better rates than in highstreet branches or bureau de changes as their overheads can be kept down meaning you can often get the best rates for travel money online.

Yes, they do, however, we always recommend you compare the best buyback rates here to make sure you are getting the best possible deal and saving you money.