Travel Money Guide

Have you ever started researching the best rates between different travel money sites? We know it can be overwhelming; the different suppliers, their different offers and of course the ever-changing currency exchange rates. Its a lot of information to process and compile! In essence, comparison sites take the stress out of your research and basically do it all for you. Finding the travel money supplier that will get you the best rate.

Here are some of the reasons Compare Travel Cash stands out as a site to get the best rate for your holiday money so you can save money to spend on your travels!

  • Compare Travel Cash is a non-bias travel money comparison site. 
  • To ensure our independence, we always use transparent, objective and verifiable criteria in our comparisons.
  • Our mission is to show you the best rates so you can save when buying your travel money.
  • We constantly update our exchange rates as they change for each money exchange supplier, and whilst we try to do this in almost real-time, there will be times when our data is slightly out of date (in normal circumstances not more than 1 minute). Our travel money comparison site is designed to save you money by showing you the latest rates. 
  • We check out all the companies we list, making sure they are reputable suppliers and pass our standards before we list them.
  • We value your privacy.  We do not sell your data – in fact you don’t even need to give us your information to use our site.  Even if you choose to, it is safe with us, we will never pass it on to third parties.
  • You won’t get cheaper rates if you go direct to the supplier, and at times, we may have discounts and incentives that you would not get by going direct!
  • We do make money – but we don’t make it from you.  We will never add fees or commissions to the travel money rates you see on the site.

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Jason is the founder of Compare Travel Cash, and has worked in the financial industry for the majority of his career.