Travel Money Guide

While most people pay with their debit card and credit cards this is the most uneconomical way to pay your bill abroad. Credit cards typically charge a fee of around 10 Euros, and debit cards potentially work out worse, as they charge approximately 3 per cent fee, so for a bill of 600 Euros would work out around 18 Euros.

The 2 best ways of paying your hotel bill abroad

The most popular way is till to take travel money with you and pay in cash, there are different options of obtaining your travel money, we have a free travel money comparison tool here for you to check the best rates right now for travel cash.

Alternatively, a more straightforward option is to obtain a prepaid currency card, load the card with your chosen currency, either before travelling or through the apps the providers offer while on your travels. Our sister site has a comparison of the best prepaid currency card deals here.

It goes without saying, but don’t use the airport bureaus, if you want to see how much money you will lose, read our previous article on exchanging foreign currency at the airport


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